About The Projects Chick

Most of my life I have been a Projects Chick!

PCAvatar2As a young girl I fixed the toaster and tinkered with other things and my Mom swore I should become an engineer. Growing up I was like the “son my Father never had!” I learned carpentry, automotive repair, painting, dry walling, plumbing and a multitude of other skills. Eventually all of this evolved into me fixing cars – yes fixing – changing oil, filters, brakes and many other things – refinishing furniture, interior design, picture AND room framing, home improvement, sewing and many other things. Between my Grandmother, Mother and Girl Scouting I became quite the seamstress able to sew a multitude of things. I took an upholstery class and learned that skill as well.

For the bottom line has always been I have much more time and talent than money and where every I can save money doing something myself affords me the opportunity to bring in licensed folks for major tasks – usually plumbing and electrical!

Ladies and gents I possess no magical powers – just the willingness to learn and try to make, design or repair anything. Having the knowledge is the key as well as the willingness to share your talents with others. Bringing all of this together birthed – Vicki McGill – THE PROJECTS CHICK!